Holiday Destination

Bandung is considered the Swiss Army Knife of holidaying destinations for its versatility and seemingly inexhaustible capability to offer at least something for almost everyone. With lush hillsides enveloped by tea plantations, hot springs with serene vistas cradled in fertile volcanic terrain coexisting almost side by side with its commercial and business districts laden with chic boutiques and cafes; it’s probably safe to say you will never get bored in this particular part of Indonesia.

For those bitten by the archaeological bug Bandung is home to The Bandung Geological Museum, which houses many artifacts including a Java Man skull and many other fossils unearthed in the surrounding area.

If shopping is your thing, you’ll also find lots of places to shop in town. Braga Street offers lots of local handicrafts. There are multiple factory outlets in the region for those who really love to shop. Try the Heritage Factory Outlet and the Rumah Mode Factory Outlet for incredible bargains. Another popular spot is Cihampelas Walk, also known as jeans street. The majority of locally made denim wear is readily available here, also at very cheap prices.

Another popular area is the Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort. Less than half an hour north of the city, the springs are a popular retreat on weekends. Situated in the mountains, the temperature is cooler than it is in the city. The springs have lots of soaking pools and places to swim, even a river. For a small entrance fee there are changing rooms for convenience and restaurants where you can grab an Indonesian meal while relaxing all the stress away.

For those looking for scenic views, this one’s for you: Kawah Putih, also known as the white crater, is a lake that is formed in the crater of an active volcano. You can see the burnt trees and shrubs on one side and the high mountains peaks on the other. This deserted gorgeous lake which is absolutely green due to its sulphur content produces smoke emerging from the lake which makes a scene to behold. As it us high up on the mountains in Ciwidey, the fog and clouds add to a stunning visual treat to your eyes. One can go and stand on the island in the centre of this lake and view the beauty and the power of nature. Absolutely stunning!

Bandung is not only known for its pleasant climate but for its culinary delights as well. Ask any Indonesian what food to try in Bandung and they will all give you the same first response: Batagor. Invented in Bandung during the 1980’s, Batagor is comprised of fried meatballs and tofu (bakso tahu goreng in Indonesia). There is no better place in the country to try this iconic dish. A close second is Serabi. Serabi is an Indonesian-style pancake that made either with flour or riceflour and cooked with clay mold on a charcoal stove. A sauce of brown sugar and coconut milk is added to enhance the taste. Variation of serabi was pioneered by Soerabi Enhaii, with additional toppings such as cheese, chocolate, banana, and even sausage and meatballs; topped with cheese and poured with milky sauce.

So, now that you’re armed with this list, go out there and enjoy your whole day roaming round Bandung, the Paris of Java!